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Foam Dragon Entry at night
The Polar Express Book Entry, Union Station
The Karate Kid The Musical
SL side buildings
Always...Patsy Cline full stage
Clue Show Drop
Cheddar Portrait

Scenic Painting, Projection Illustration and Fine Art


Welcome to my scenic art portfolio. I focus most of my energies on scenic painting, but I've also branched out into projection illustration. I also have a strong background in representational drawing, and I am always continuing to practice. I love being part of the theatrical creative process and seeing how my contribution as a scenic painter works together with the other design elements. Please browse my portfolio, look at the process images for each individual show, and let me know if you have any questions about my work or my availability.

Full Mansion Drop on deck.jpeg


Big Fish


Sitting Toby


See highlights from my scenic painting portfolio. There is also a show-by-show break down under the 'Scenic Painting' tab that includes painting-process photos.

My scenic painting skill set includes: surface prepping, glazing, dry brushing, spatter, cartooning, lining, extruded foam and insulation foam sculpting, and plywood surface sculpting

As a projection illustrator, I create digital images that help the media designer to realize their design. In many cases they may not have the skills or time to create illustrative or stylistic images, so I am able to use digital and traditional media to create images to their specifications.

I've been developing my skills as a traditional artist with an emphasis on realism and illustration since I was young. I believe my traditional art demonstrates a strong foundation in contrast, value, line, shape, texture, accuracy, and observation.

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