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Directed by Dona Werner Freeman, St. Olaf Theater Department

Scenic Design: Benjamin Olsen
Scenic Painter: Erin Knadler
Lighting Design: Brian Bjorklund
Costume Design: Aimee Jillson


The banquet table was painted on ¾” plywood and then covered with muslin. After projecting and tracing the designer’s elevation, I started by building up value in the table cloth and food. I then put base colors on the food and added highlights, shadows, and contrast colors. The designer’s inspirations were the hyper realistic Dutch still life paintings of the 17th and 18th century. While I delivered a more painterly product, the richness and variety of color and value was still present.

The sun bleached boards (pictured above) were divided in thirds and each group based with a different color. They then received a secondary swath of either white, cream or subtle green/brown wet paint. We then sprayed them with water to diffuse the edges and added spatter to about half of the boards.

Finally, the ground row was painted after it was installed, so we used relatively thick paint and blended wet on wet to create the textural gradient that the designer wanted.

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