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Stages St. Louis 2022, Charge Artist

Director: Luis Salgado
Scenic Design: Anna Louizos
Lighting Design: Sean Savoie
Costume Design: Brad Musgrove
Charge Artist: Erin Knadler
Scenic Artists: Lauryn Ross, Ellie Lanham, Rachel Yanna


This show was a massive undertaking. The many weeks of work are partially chronicled in far too many photographs below. 

Abuela roll gate mural: I used photos taken of the actress to customize the face of our Abuela against the backdrop provided by designer. Rosco Off Broadway and Montana 94 spray paint cans. 

Backing Stone wall and Upstage stone wall: Project descriptions in captions, but we used a lot of texture compounds. Combinations of joint compound, acrylic elastomeric, sawdust, foam crumbs, and used PVA white glue to thicken it. We made the fun discovery that white glue mixed with JC causes the mixture to seize up and become very thick and putty-like. It made an excellent mixture to mimic aged concrete/plaster. 

Upper Backing Buildings: These buildings went behind the the scrim like front buildings. The scale of them required very small bricks drawn in two point perspective. They all started with a quick sponge scumble, toning spray, layout tick marks and adding grout with extension poles. 

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