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A Midsummers Night's Dream

Directed by Dona Werner Freeman, St. Olaf Theater Department, November 2016

Scenic Design: Lisa V. Kudas
Charge Artist: Erin Knadler
Lighting Design: Joanna McLarnan
Costume Design: Aimee Jillson


Trees: The trees were created by adhering burlap to a chicken wire armature with a glue/water mixture. Then vines of twisted newspaper and masking tape were stapled and glued to the trees, painted with acrylic mastic, and then base-painted. Then a mid-light and light color were rolled on to emphasize texture and dimension.

Moon: The chicken wire and plywood armature was filled with Great Stuff insulation spray foam. After the foam cured, I shaved it down and then sculpted it with an angle grinder, dremel and a hole saw. The bottom and top of the moon were extruded foam, which was sculpted with a blow torch.

Road: The steep rake was based with a slop-sand mixture, and then a two color scumble was applied as per the paint elevation instructions. Next, a subtle spatter, followed by lining with graphite and sharpie. Then a scumbled wash/splatter of light and dark grey was diffused with a Hudson sprayer. Then I added more light grey to cut down on the dark spots and remaining strong creams. Finally we put white and dark grey washes on specific boards to gesticulate their edges.

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