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Directed by Dona Werner Freeman and Lauren Bartlet

Scenic Design: Benjamin Olsen
Charge Artist: Erin Knadler
Lighting Design: Becky Raines
Costume Design: Emma Downey

The Glass Menagerie: Headliner
The Glass Menagerie: Pro Gallery


Fire escape: Constructed out of wood, I used a combination of paint, roofing tar and acetone to create the appearance of rusted metal. Once the initial scumble of three colors was applied, I used a thin mixture of roofing tar and acetone, letting the darkness of the color accumulate on the edges and creating a glaze over the larger areas. The roofing tar is very black when concentrated and thick, but becomes a rich brown when thin enough to act as a glaze. I later went back with a more viscous mixture and added gunk to the edges and joints. Finally I added the bright rust, and light cream drips/spatter. 

Proscenium Plug: The plug was a basic wood and muslin flat. I used an overhead projector on a baton to project the designer’s rendering for reproduction. After cartooning, I began applying glazes to build up the color and finished up with black lining, and a light spatter.

The Glass Menagerie: Headliner
The Glass Menagerie: Gallery
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